DU SOL Syllabus 2020-21 pdf (Semester-Wise) | SOL DU UG/PG *New* Subjects

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DU SOL Syllabus 2020-21 pdf (Semester-Wise) | SOL DU UG/PG *New* Subjects

Download pdf online available DU SOL Syllabus 2020 for UG & PG Courses. Yes, finally go ahead and download pdf live SOL Syllabus for BA-BCom-MA-MCom because finally new 2020 year Syllabus has been updated by the DU SOL Examination department. You can visit official web panel or see here below Exam Syllabus of DU SOL.

Get* DU SOL Study Material

Now Delhi University SOL Department has decided to conduct Examinations of UG Courses by Semester System Wise. In the result DU SOL all set to conduct BA-BCom Pass/Hons Exams for the Session 2020-21 in the coming month of May-June 2020. DU SOL University had made some of major changes in the Syllabus of DU SOL Exams 2020-2021.

We have updated Newly released DU SOL Syllabus for 1st Semester by the officials for the upcoming DU SOL BA-Bcom 1st Semester Exams 2020.

DU SOL Syllabus 2020

The Delhi university shortly known as DU is the most popular university all over. Every year large number of students take admission in this university. The admissions of Delhi university for the year 2020 was completed in the month of July-Oct. DU SOL University offers various courses like UG, PG, doctoral, diploma and various other courses in different fields like law, management, engineering, commerce, humanities, science, etc. Admission procedure finally completed by the DU SOL Examination University.

Updated Now* DU SOL Date Sheet 2020

Starting of online registration was from the 3rd week of July 2020, the last date for registration was Oct 2020. Now those who has finally applied online application form for their DU SOL UG/PG Courses they can finally download latest DU SOL Syllabus 2020 pdf.

Check Now* (DU SOL BA English Hons 1st Semester Syllabus 2020)

DU SOL BA English Hons 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

DU SOL BA English Hons 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

Check Now* (DU SOL BA Hons Political Science 1st Semester Syllabus 2020)

DU SOL BA Hons Political Science 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

DU SOL BA Hons Political Science 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

Check Now* (DU SOL BA Programme 1st Semester Syllabus 2020)

DU SOL BA Programme 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

DU SOL BA Programme 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

Check Now* (DU SOL Bcom Hons 1st Semester Syllabus 2020)

DU SOL Bcom Hons 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

DU SOL Bcom Hons 1st Semester Syllabus 2020

Check Now* (DU SOL Bcom Pass Syllabus 2020)

DU SOL Bcom Pass Syllabus 2020

DU SOL Bcom Pass Syllabus 2020

Exam pattern for DU exams 2020:

The duration of the examination will be 3 hours. The question paper will contain all the Questions. The exam will be conducted through offline mode. For one correct answer you will be given 10 to 20 marks this is for all the UG courses. There will be no-negative marking for these DU SOL Examinations.

DU SOL Syllabus 2020

DU SOL Syllabus 2020

The DU SOL Syllabus will be based on the courses for which a student is applying for. The SOL Syllabus will have topics from the 10+2 level from the respective stream. Now check latest & updated DU SOL Syllabus 2020 pdf for UG Degree and PG Degree Courses as we have provided below on this Page as here.

SOL Syllabus for B.com

DU SOL BA Programme Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2 Part-3
1.      Language Courses Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses
2.      English (A,B,C) English (A,B,C) English (A,B,C)
3.      Hindi (A,B,C) Language and Foundation Courses Language and Application Courses
4.      Punjabi (A,B) Hindi (A,B,C) Hindi (A,B,C)
5.      Tamil (A,B) Urdu (A,B) Urdu (A,B)
6.      Urdu (A,B) Punjabi (A,B) Punjabi (A,B)
7.      Discipline Courses Tamil (A,B) Tamil (A,B)
8.      Hindi Contemporary India Banking and Insurance
9.      English Human Rights, Gender & Environment Basic Statistics
10.    Sanskrit Language, Literature & Culture Entrepreneurship & Small Business
11.    Economics Discipline Courses (Electives 1 & 2) Globalization
12.    Education Hindi Voluntary Organizations
13.    Mathematics English Tax Management
14.    Nutrition & Health Education Sanskrit Consumer Affairs
15.    Political Science Mathematics Discipline Courses (Electives 1 & 2)
16.    History-1  History of India up-to 8th Century Economics Hindi
17.    History-2  Culture in Indian Subcontinents Education English
18.    History, History of India 8th to 18th century Sanskrit
19.    Nutrition & Health Education Economics
20.    Political Science Education
21.    History, Issues in World History: The 20th Century
22.    Political Science
23.    Nutrition & Health Education
24.    Mathematics
DU SOL BA Hons Political Science Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2 Part-3
1.      Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses
2.      Colonialism & Nationalism in India Indian Government & Politics (Paper-4) Indian Foreign Policy
3.      An Introduction to Political Theory Comparative Politics (Paper-5) Public Administration
4.      Indian Political Thought International Relations & Global Politics (Paper-6) Traditions in West Political Philosophy
5.      Language Credit Course Discipline Centered Courses Optional Concurrent & Language Courses
6.      Hindi Bhasha English Literature Public policy in India
7.      The Individual and Society OR Hindi Literature Dilemmas in Politics
8.      Hindi Language Literature & Culture Delhi Medieval State Institutions & civil Society Org. in India
9.      Urdu…Prose Punjabi Literature Feminist Theory & Practice
10.    Punjabi Sanskrit Literature The United Nations & global Conflicts
11.    Tamil Credit Course-1   African experience: Polity & Economy
12.    Tamil Credit Course-2 Contemporary Political Economy
13.    Sanskrit
14.    English Contemporary
15.    Language Qualifying Course  
16.    Hindi Higher/Lower
17.    Urdu Higher/Lower
18.    Punjabi Higher/Lower
19.    Tamil
20.    Sanskrit*
21.    English Higher/Lower
22.    Interdisciplinary Concurrent Course
23.    Environmental Issues in India
24.    Reading Gandhi
25.    The Individual and Society
26.    Hindi Language Literature & Culture
27.    Mathematical Awareness

sol.du.ac.in Syllabus 2020

DU SOL B.Com Programme Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2 Part-3
1.      Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses
2.      Business Organization & Management Business Mathematics & Statistics (Paper-6) Cost Accounting
3.      Financial Accounting Corporate Accounting (Paper-7) Computer Applications in Business
4.      Business & Industrial law Company & Compensation Laws (Paper-8) Economics (Eco. Development & policy in India)
5.      Principles of Economics Income Tax & Auditing (Paper-9) MIL- Humanities Courses
6.      MIL Courses for Humanities Group (Paper-5) Economics (Macroeconomics) (Paper-10) Business English
7.      Political Science Humanities Group -English ( Paper-11) Hindi (A,B)
8.      History-I , History of India Upto 8th century Punjabi (A,B)
9.      History-II, Culture in Indian Sub-continents Urdu (A,B)
  Tamil (A,B) Tamil (A,B)
10.    Hindi (A,B) History
11.    Punjabi (A,B) Optional Courses
12.    Urdu (A,B) Financial Management: Paper XVI(A)
13.    Marketing Management: Paper XVI(B)
14.    Human Resource Management : Paper XVI(C)


DU SOL BA Hons English Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2 Part-3
1.      Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses
2.      (Paper-1) English Literature-4 (Paper III) English Literature-1 (Paper-6) English Literature-3
3.      (Paper-2) 20th Century Indian Writing (Paper IV) English Literature-2 (Paper-7) English Literature-5
4.      Language Credit Course (Paper VA) 19th Century European Realism (Paper-8) Contemporary Literature
5.      Hindi Bhasha (Paper VB) Classical Literature (Paper-9) Optional Paper: Any one of the following
6.      The Individual and Society OR (Paper VC) Forms of Popular Fiction Modern European Drama
7.      Hindi Language Literature & Culture Discipline Centered Courses Optional Women Writing in 19th & 20th Century
8.      Urdu…Prose Citizenship in a Globalizing World Anglo-Americal writing since 1930
9.      Punjabi Delhi Medieval Literary Theory
10.    Tamil Credit Course-1 Sanskrit Literature
11.    Tamil Credit Course-2 Hindi Literature
12.    Sanskrit Punjabi Literature
13.    Language Qualifying Course
14.    Hindi Higher/Lower
15.    Urdu Higher/Lower
16.    Punjabi Higher/Lower
17.    Tamil
18.    Sanskrit*
19.    Interdisciplinary Concurrent Course
20.    Environmental Issues in India
21.    Reading Gandhi
22.    The Individual and Society
23.    Hindi Language Literature & Culture
24.    Mathematical Awareness
DU SOL B.Com Hons Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2 Part-3
1.      Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses Compulsory Courses
2.      (Paper-1) Business Organization & Management (Paper-8) Corporate Accounting (Paper-XVI) Management Accounting
3.      (Paper-2) Financial Accounting (Paper-9) Cost Accounting (Paper-XVII) Macroeconomics
4.      (Paper-3) Micro Economics (Theory & Applications-1) (Paper-10) Micro Economics Theory & Applications-II (Paper-XVIII) Indian Economy-Performance & Policies
5.      (Paper-4) Business Statistics (Paper-11) Business Mathematics Optional Courses
6.      (Paper-5) Business Law (Paper-12) Corporate Laws (Group EA-Paper XIX) Financial Management
7.      (Paper-6) Introduction to Computer & Information Systems (Paper-13) Income Tax Law & Practice (Group EA-Paper XX) Fundamental of Investment
8.      (Paper-7A) Business Communication (Paper-14A) E-Commerce (Group EC Paper XXIII )Principles of Marketing
9.      (Paper-7B) Politics, Ethics & Social Responsibility of Business (Paper-14B) Auditing (Group EC-Paper XXIV) Advertising and Personal Selling
10.    MIL Courses (Paper -15) (Group EE Paper XXVII) Human resource Management
11.    Hindi (Group EE Paper XXVIII) Compensation Management
12.    Political Science (Group EF Paper XXIX) Corporate Tax planning
13.    Tamil (Group EF Paper XXX) Business Tax Procedures and Management
14.    Punjabi

DU SOL BA Programme Syllabus 2020

DU SOL MA Hindi Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2
1. Semester-1 Semester-3
6. Semester-2 Semester-4
DU SOL M.A. Sanskrit Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2
1. Semester-1 Semester-3
2. Vedic Vangmay: Riksanhita avam Nirut Sanskrit bhasha ka vaigyanik vishleshan
3. Sahitye Shastra : Sahitye Darpan Sahitye: Kadambari avam Vasvdatta
4. Sahity: Naishadhiycharitam avam Mrachkatikam Dhvanyalok Avam Naatyeshastre
5. Sabhyata avam Sanskriti ki rooprekha Kavyaprakash
6. Semester-2 Semester-4 (Group C)
7. Darshan – Nyay avam Vedant Kavyaprakash
8. Vyakaran: Laghusidhhantkomudi Sanskrit Kavyeshastre ka Servekshan
9. Sahity – Meghdoot avam Uttar-Ramcharitam Darshan Sankhye Avam Mimansa
10. Interdisciplinary Course (Hindi) Aadhunik Bhartiy Sahity ka Sanderbh
DU SOL MCom Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2
1. Semester-1 Semester-3: Compulsory Papers
2. Paper 4101 Business Statistics Paper 4301 Global Strategic Management
3. Paper 4102 Managerial Economics* Paper 4302 Entrepreneurship
4. Paper 4103 Managerial Accounting Major Groups:
5. Paper 4104 Financial Planning* Group-A: Finance
6. Paper 4105 Organization Theory & Behavior Paper MJ301 Financial Institutions and Markets*
7. Semester-2 Paper MJ302 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
8. Paper 4201 Quantitative Technique for Business Decision Paper MJ403 International Financial System*
9. Paper 4202 Financial management & policy Paper MJ404 International Financial Management*
10. Paper 4203 Marketing Management Group-B: Marketing
11. Paper 4204 Legal Aspects of Business Paper MJ311 International Marketing
12. Paper 4205 International Business Paper MJ312 Advertising & Sales Management
13. Paper MJ413 Consumer Behavior
14. Paper MJ414 Supply Chain Management and Logistics
15. Group-C: Human Resource Management
16. Paper MJ321 Human Resource Development*
17. Paper MJ322 Management of Industrial Relations*
18. Paper MJ423 Strategic Human Resource Management*
19. Paper MJ424 Compensation Management and Employee Welfare Laws*
20. Minor Groups
21. Group-A: Taxation
22. Paper MN331 Principles and Practice of Taxation and Indian Tax System*
23. Paper MN432 Corporate Tax Structure and Planning*
24. Group-B: Law
25. Paper MN341 Corporate Laws*
26. PaperMN442 Industrial Laws*
27. Group-C: Accounting
28. Paper MN351 Strategic Cost Management*
29. Paper MN452 Accounting Theory and Financial Reporting*
30. Group-D: International Business
31. Paper MN361 India’s Foreign Trade and Investment*
32. Paper MN462 Management of International Business Operation*
33. Semester -4: Compulsory Papers
34. Paper 4401 Corporate Governance, Ethics and Social Responsibilities of Business
35. Paper 4402: Business Research

DU SOL PG Syllabus 2020

DU SOL MA Political Science Syllabus 2020: (Subjects)
Sr. No. Part-1 Part-2
1. Semester-1 Semester-3 Compulsory Paper
2. Debate in Political Theory Interpreting Modern India
3. Comparative Political Analysis Semester-4 Compulsory Paper
4. Politics in India Democracy & Political Institutions in India
5. Theories of International Relations Optional Papers: Students will have to select total 6 optional papers.
6. Semester-2 Ethics and Politics
7. Administrative Theories Critical Traditions in Political Theory
8. Themes in Indian Political Thought The Modern state in Comparative perspective
9. Themes in world Politics & International Political Economy Social Movements and Revolutions
10. Key Texts in Political Philosophy Parties, Elections & Political Process in India
11. Development Process and Politics in India
12. Democracy & Human Rights in India
13. Public Policy
14. Public Institutions & Governance
15. Rural-Urban Development & Local Govt. in India
16. Environment & Development: Policy & Politics
17. Peace & Conflict in International Politics
18. India and The World
19. Foreign Policy of Major Powers
20. State & Society in South Asia
21. South Asia and The world
22. Comparative Federalism: Theory & Practice
23. Culture & Politics in India

Officials DU SOL Department already distributed the DU SOL Exam Books, if you haven’t received the details of Exam Books then Visit Here:>> DU SOL Books and get all major important details. Because without Books a student won’t be able to prepare for the upcoming SOL BA-BCom Exams 2020. Examination Dates are near and this is expected that officials will conduct DU SOL Examination this year a bit sooner as compare to last year’s Annual Exams.

DU SOL Subjects 2020

The students can take an idea from the previous year question paper to score good. So, we have tried to provide you with all the required information through this article. Prepare well for your examination. All the best and leave a comment in the comment section if you are having any query.

DU SOL Admission Form

Tap on the links below here and get download pdf DU SOL Syllabus 2020 for UG & PG Courses by Subject wise as well as Course Wise.

Download Pdf Syllabus of DU SOL (UG):

B.A. Program pdf Download link

B.A.(H) PS pdf Download link

B.Com pdf Download link

BA (Hons) English pdf Download link

B.Com (Hons) pdf Download link


Download Pdf Syllabus of DU SOL (PG):

M.A.(Hindi) pdf Download links:>> Sem 1 & Sem 3

M.A.(Sanskrit) pdf Download link

M.Com pdf Download link

M.A.(PS) pdf Download link

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